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Students bellow the age of 18 are encouraged to participate to the NanoArt K12 program launched by NanoArt 21. The purpose of this worldwide program is to support the education of the new generations of artists and scientists and to promote the art-science-technology intersections, NanoArt, and Nanotechnology for a better youth development.
NanoArt 21 founded by artist and scientist Cris Orfescu is providing 3 images of nano or microstructures for children and teens to convert them into works of art through any artistic technique. The electron micrographs depict molecular and atomic structures (nanosculptures) of graphite micro and nanoparticles obtained by casting a slurry of colloidal graphite on glass in a very thin layer. After drying in air at room temperature, the layer was peeled-off the glass and fractured. The fracture surfaces of the structures were visualized with a Scanning Electron Microscope and captured in a computer. Click on the thumbnails to download the large images and save them in your computer if you would like to participate to this program. You can alter these images to create artworks for NanoArt K12.

nanoflower-nanoart-k12-nanoscience-nanotechnology micro-and-nano-nanoart-nanotechnology-nanosciencenanocrystals-nanoart-nanoscience-nanotechnologyAll artworks will be posted on this site, and the best works will be selected to be shown in physical galleries worldwide. Please send one image per e-mail to and include: Name, Grade, School, City, Country, Artwork Title, Final Image Size and Resolution, Artistic Process, Comments, Opinions, Ideas (here you can express your opinions in regards to the NanoArt K12 program, generate new ideas for NanoArt K12 promotion, competitions, shows, etc.). The web image file must be JPEG format at a resolution of 72 dpi with the longest dimension of maximum 800 pixels.

Copyright of entered artworks remains with the student-artist who agrees to grant permission to to use the submitted material in exhibits on the web site and other media for marketing and printing for off line marketing. You must accept that all entries are archived and displayed online. Your permission to display the entry for the competition and later in the archives cannot be reversed and its use or removal is entirely at the discretion of

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