The Introduction of NanoArt for Kids requires the inclusion of interactive learning modules of the visual elements for different age groups to understand the science of the very small universe that can only be viewed through very powerful microscopes. Since the nanoscience and nanotechnology has not been introduced in many schools globally, this module contains links to a few selected sites where the children can explore either on their own, or with parents/teachers to expand their knowledge base before attempting to create their NanoArt project.

Virtual Electron Microscopy: Interactive Visual with controls Interactive Java Tutorials Virtual Scanning Electron Microscopy Award-winning electron microscopist Dr. Dennis Kunkel has produced a series of interactive Java tutorials that explore various aspects of virtual Scanning Electron Microscopy (vSEM). Visitors can adjust the focus, contrast, and magnification of microscopic creatures viewed at thousands of times their actual size. Use the tutorial below to discover how specimens such as insects, dust motes and more, appear when magnified in the virtual SEM.

Nanozone is designed for students ages 8 though 14 and explores the basics of nanotechology with interactive games, videos and comics. The site also features interviews with scientists and teacher classroom materials for lessons on nanotechnology.

Nanooze Magazine – Ages:8-14. Available in English, Spanish and Portuguese, this online publication provides games, current news and a link to scientists for motivation. It is geared for upper elementary and middle school level.

Founded in 2001 by gaming industry experts, PlayGen is a London based game development studio with a strong and growing track record in developing serious games for training and learning purposes. The players are challenged in imaginative environments that promote learning about: Molecular Building, Nanoimaging, Creation of Nanodevices, Nanomedicine, Quantum Behavior, Manipulating Electrons and Nanomaterials. Primarily focused on 12-18 age range – the game is also a valuable and fun way to learn about nanotechnology irrespective of age. Available online for the PC and through retail for PlayStation Portable.