Nano Animation: Snowflakes Paradigm

academy of nanoart-jean constant-nano animation-snowflakes paradigm

Snowflakes are geometrically simple and incredibly intricate. The software used to create the recursive snowflake cloud counted 16 million, 124 thousand, and 312 shapes in this particular iteration. From a script by “XpoPen”. Click on the image to start the animation.

About the author: Jean Constant

Artist, Media Technology consultant and professor of Visual Communication. Author and lecturer on visualization and the electronic environment. Image producer, researcher in mathematics and art visualization Jean has been collaborating for many years in art and science projects and is committed to develop and promote further the dialogue between the two disciplines. He is presently involved in a Geometry of Nature research project involving the Japanese National Museum of Nature and Science, VESTA- 3D visualization program and the University of Arizona in Tucson mineral database resource.